Temp to Perm & Contract to Hire Staffing

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

It is many times a better choice to test first and then hire. Instead of right away investing in workforce and create a liability which is not proven, it is a good start to first see the capabilities and then convert a consultant to full-time employee. Also, we understand that there not always a certainty that a resource is required for a fulltime permanent engagement. That’s where the temp-to-perm staffing comes to rescue. It’s a win-win situation for both contractor and employer to first test each other and see if there is a match. It creates a base for a healthy relationship which is often required for a long-term association. At Techgnite, we understand the need of temp-to-perm positions.

Contract-to-hire candidates are different from contracting consultants. They are jobseekers who are in need of a full-time job but first wants to check the environment and nature of the job. Our recruiters identify such candidates and offer them with the temp-to-hire opportunities. We interview, screen and assess the candidates to ensure that he/she has a cultural fit and the organization is a good place for them to start a long-term relationship. The expectations of both the side should meet a common ground.

With our temp-to-perm staffing, you can avail a consultant for a contract duration you have a right to hire the consultant on fulltime basis with an agreed placement conversion fee or a minimum waiting period.

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