Temp Staffing, Contract Staffing & Contingency Recruitment

Temporary / Contract Staffing

Temporary and contract staffing needs an eye of a hawk and lightning speed to find the right talent that suits your requirement, matches the required skills and who is ready to join ASAP. Temp staffing has always been the most challenging recruitment, especially in technology space where finding the right talent in shortest span is the key. Our recruiting team has years of experience and built up talent pools with hundreds of contacts and network of active consultants who are ready for their next project.

Our on-demand staffing solutions backed by expert recruiters deliver you the high quality candidates quickly with deep screening and interviewing process which makes your staffing easier and effective.

For Techgnite, contract staffing is not just delivering the right talent but it also extends to post on-boarding. Our Account Managers and recruiters keep in touch with consultants through-out the contractual assignment to make sure that they are getting the job done and commit to the length of your assignment.

Our Temp Staffing services include:

  • Broad and wide range of sourcing mediums to find the best talent
  • Rigorous screening and interviewing process to identify the right candidate with right skills and characteristics and personal integrity
  • Screening reports and interview analysis of each candidate
  • Coaching and counselling services for performance issues while on assignment
  • Exit interviews for contract employees and quality surveys to promote open communication
  • Proper orientation
  • I9 verification*
  • Drug Screening and Employment verification*
  • Criminal Background Check*

* If required by the client based on contractual agreements. Terms and conditions applied.