Permanent Staffing & Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive staffing requires the highest level of recruiting experience and abilities. Stakeholders always have high expectations for successful results even in critical situations - be it market conditions, financial situations or resource uncertainty. Organizations always look for strong leadership who drives and leads transformation and success.

Executive search is always challenging and crucial. Trust is essential. These searches must look beyond job function and credentials. It requires an extreme depth of understanding about the industry and organization, and the 'real requirement' and expectations of the stakeholders. Techgnite understands these factors very well. We take a whole different approach while recruiting the Leaders and Executive professionals.

Factors that make us successful Leadership and Executive search firm are:

  • Working closely to get deep understanding of requirement.
  • Senior and well-experienced staffing consultants and recruiters.
  • Deep scanning and screening of the profile from a 3600 angle - Technical Skills, Culture Fit, Leadership Skills, Attitude, Compensation, Innovative.
  • Extensive research of the profile.
  • Strong nationwide pipeline of executive candidates.
  • Outreaching most passive candidates and head-hunting.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing and Direct-Hire search is our forte. Permanent staffing and Direct-Hire requires much more care while selecting a candidate as you don’t have a chance to test the candidate before hiring unlike - Temp to Hire or converting a contract candidate to a full-time. But sometimes, it’s a need to have a direct-hire for some critical positions. Techgnite understands how crucial it is to select the right person for the permanent or direct-hire position. And, therefore, just like our executive search process, the permanent search involves rigorous screening and recruiting methods that help us find the right candidate for permanent hire.

We believe that a permanent position is your most critical hiring as you are taking a decision that is for a long-term and such position must be a key position. It’s not just a short-term investment. We make sure that your recruiters put their best of the efforts and abilities to help you find the best of the talent and offer you with the most qualified candidates.

Above all, we offer most competitive rates for Permanent and Direct Hire staffing services. Contact us now, to engage us for your Permanent Search.