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Scientist/ Consultant

Job ID 1032

  • New York, NY, 10169
  • Fulltime
  • 5 - 12 years experience
  • 80000 - 89999 Annual
  • 28/07/2017
  • Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Infrastructure
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Job description

The firm has deep technical expertise in engineering, surveying, environmental and safety services, planning and landscape architecture throughout our offices in Poughkeepsie, Troy, Queensbury, and Syracuse, NY and Nashville, TN. 


    •  Include active business development, project management, and augmenting client's technical consulting capacity in the remediation arena.
    • The position can be based from any of client's New York State offices although Poughkeepsie would be preferred.
    • A valid driver's license is required and periodic travel is expected.
    • This position includes a potential for career advancement into a program leadership role.

     Required Skills:

    • The experienced professional best suited for this role will have consulting experience and a proven track record as a seller-doer that includes active client and business development and project management.
    • A strong familiarity with the regulations (40CFR,ECL27) regulatory programs (IHWDS, BCP,VCP and OER e-programs), and experience with the design, installation, and operation of remediation technologies including ERH, VES, ECP desired.
    • Group leadership skills are also expected.
    • A BA/MS degree in core environmental science with 12+ years of related experience is required.
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