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Our Process

Techgnite works closely with its clients as their staffing partners. From understanding the requirement to onboarding, we are there throughout the entire recruitment life-cycle.

Our exhaustive candidate screening and interviewing process help us in offering the most suitable candidates which makes the Hiring Manager’s life easier. We don’t just source the candidates and leave the client with a large chunk of candidates. Instead, we offer high-quality, deeply screened, scanned and interviewed candidates with a detailed screening summary, so that the Hiring Manager knows who actually the candidate is. It’s not just the skills on the resume, we check the Human side of the candidate, we screen through the character and try to identify the personality and deliver a talent pool with all the demographics and detailed analysis of the candidate.

Our recruiting team specializes in each industry vertical and specific requirement the client may have. Our Account Managers work closely with your HR and Hiring Team to better understand the requirement and plan and execute the right recruiting strategy.

Our Recruiting Process

  1. Requirement

    Understanding the requirement thoroughly is the key to successful hiring and right recruitment.

  2. Strategy

    A right recruiting strategy to find the right talent should be in place

  3. Screening

    An effective and rigorous screening is at heart of Tecghnite’s staffing process. It’s not only the resume and skills, but we scan the Human side of the profile and see through the character.

  4. Delivery

    High quality screened resumes delivered with fast turn-around time.

  5. Accountability

    Being by your side through-out the recruiting life-cycle and taking accountability of each process. From interview coordination & scheduling to on-boarding and post-onboarding.